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Help Save the Criterion School House!!!!
 Last summer the roof on the Criterion Schoolhouse, located on the Oregon State Fairgrounds, began to fail after 40 years serving the State of Oregon as a tribute to public education and honoring one room schools. Water damaged the ceiling and the floor of this historical treasure. The building may not survive another winter.
     This building was moved over 200 miles from Maupin, Oregon, for the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration. The building had to be cut in half to get across one of the bridges. The building was reassembled at the fairgrounds, repainted, and the roof replaced. Last year, over 3,600 visitors were hosted by 74 OREA volunteers/friends during the fair. 
     The Oregon Retired Educators Association (OREA), with the help of key allies, are launching a fundraiser to save the Criterion Schoolhouse. Our goal is to raise $28,000 asap to:
  • Replace the roof
  • Address ADA accessibility issues
  • Remove lead paint
  • Repaint the building inside and out
  • Refresh the schoolhouse bell
  • Repair the ceiling and flooring
All of the above needs to be done by August 12th in order to be ready for the next State Fair. Any additional funds raised will go into a dedicated building repair fund designed to sustain the facility into the future.

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Funds Raised to Date=  $4,765.75


Pledges yet to come in= Pledges:  $500  Klamath Falls, $100 OEA-R


Building repair contingency fund= $2,800


Actions and Comments:

  1. NRTA 70th Anniversary Celebration will be August 27th, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. We will display the old banner, provide cookies/balloons, pencils etc.
  2. Roof repair is almost complete
  3. ADA ramp requires repairs before the fair.


Respectfully Submitted,


Pat Eck

Save Criterion School Committee

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