The OREA Purpose

The OREA Purpose


To Serve, Not to be Served


Our Purpose


To provide an opportunity for meaningful contact with friends and associates.

To provide an organizational framework through which retired educators can continue a life of service to fellow members, their active colleagues, and their communities.

To respond to community needs and to encourage retired educators to contribute their talents and experience to the decision-making processes in their communities.

To familiarize retired and active teachers with the benefits of membership in the local, state, and national associations.


Why Join OREA?


OREA is fun. Meet others with similar interests.
OREA is invigorating. Get involved and find ways to exercise your expertise and passion for learning and education.
OREA provides current health information and the latest developments in technology
OREA is up to date. Keep current through Unit meetings; programs include elder law, travel reports, legislative topics, school visits, and entertainment.
OREA is a service organization and our members devote themselves to helping others.


Who May Join? You!


If you are retired or close to retirement . . .
• Teachers
• Administrators
• Classified Employees
• School Volunteers
• Anyone interested in educational issues

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